About Us

Paul is a very sociable person which may seem strange to some considering he has worked in the IT industry for over 18 years. Having started working for a global telecommunications company back in 2001, it is where he found his passion for IT along with fixing peoples issues by finding the ideal solutions. Paul is passionate about ensuring Business IT infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently. Having graduated from the Open University Paul has accompanying skills such as business development, marketing & sales management and strategic planning skills to help drive your business, so feel free to message him if you need advice.

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Dominic Anderson

Dominic is an extremely focused individual he has a very broad skill set when it comes to IT, he diagnoses and fixes issues quickly and efficiently and is very particular on providing the highest standards of work. Having qualified from college whilst working for Edworthy Computing Limited he has already got a great understanding of the business world and the importance of IT. He is a serious gamer and is interested in anything that involves technology. He loves sports especially football and formula 1.