Cyber Security and Virus removal

Here at Edworthy Tech, we take cyber security very seriously; if you haven’t sufficiently protected your IT equipment you could be at risk of having your data stolen or even destroyed. We provide software and solutions to keep your data safe and protected.

For businesses we provide IT Support packages which include cyber security software and anti-virus/malware protection. We also provide these on an ad-hoc basis; so if you think you have been affected by a virus or any other security breach please get in contact A.S.A.P and a member of our team will be able to assist in resolving your issue and offer prevention to protect going forward.

Virus Security
Parental Guidance

Home users can take advantage of our IT repair service. Our engineers will remove the viruses, malware and any other unwanted critters and provide cutting-edge protection to help keep you and your family safe whilst browsing the internet or gaming etc. If you are concerned about youngsters surfing the internet we can offer free advice on parent protection software or solutions.

Whatever the situation, when it comes to security breaches the most important thing is time the longer you leave it before calling an expert the more opportunity there is for data to be affected.

Password and Data Security

How secure is your password and your data? 90% of security breaches are down to ‘people’. As humans we are instictively trusting, and this tends to lead to a lapse in our security measures take a look at the videos below and see how easy it is to unowingly give out sensitive data and information. If you want to check how secure your password is visit

This video is one of the episodes of the Jimmy Kimmel show where they show how easy it is to find out somebody’s password. How easily would you give out your password?

Data to go shows how our personal data can easily be accessed online. Just by ordering a coffee it can open up a whole doorway to your data. If you are concerned about your cyber security, get in touch and we can offer you the best advice and protection.

Would you recognise a phishing email?

Phishing emails are a way that criminals can bypass security protection. Take a look at Sonic Wall’s Phising email test, to see if you can tell the difference between a legitamate email and a phishing email. Click here to take the test.